I would not say I am an expert at budgeting or finances, but I do work hard to keep our finances in order and to pay off our debt.  Although it may sound strange, I enjoy budgeting and financial planning.  I think this is mostly because I like a good spreadsheet (HAHA!) and I have a personality where I enjoy organization, which works well with budgeting and financial planning.  Also, I am not really a big spender, so I don’t see budgeting as something restricting.  I more see it as something that helps my family to be able to do the things that we enjoy. Continue reading “budgeting”

online banking with ally

So in my previous post about my different bank accounts, I mentioned that I had an online bank for all my savings accounts.  These accounts are with Ally Bank.  Here is my review of the bank and why they are a great option if you are really trying to save. Continue reading “online banking with ally”