online banking with ally

So in my previous post about my different bank accounts, I mentioned that I had an online bank for all my savings accounts.  These accounts are with Ally Bank.  Here is my review of the bank and why they are a great option if you are really trying to save. Continue reading “online banking with ally”

Road Trip

I’m currently traveling to Atlanta to spend Christmas with my mom and sister and this has been definitely one of the top 4 worse drives to Atlanta that I have done. What really makes it bad is the constant traffic and the fact that my sister recently moved and is now an hour farther away from me. I’m currently on I-20 the most boring interstate in the world, however, a few things are keeping me from going completely crazy. Continue reading “Road Trip”

gift ideas for expectant moms

Ok, here are a few more gift ideas that are focused on the expectant mom or the new moms that you may know.  One item is the Belly Book, an awesome and fun way to track your pregnancy and the other item is the Ergobaby…in my opinion THE BEST baby carrier. Continue reading “gift ideas for expectant moms”

my new, old tub…bathtub painting!

We recently purchased a home and there were a few things that needed some work. One that I really wanted to fix was the bathtub in the bathroom my son would use. The paint was chipped in the tub and around the drain. It would come off when bathing and cleaning the tub, which is a problem when your child only takes baths.

So I began looking for ways to repair the tub on my own.  Continue reading “my new, old tub…bathtub painting!”

Cupcake Delivery

I really wanted to do something special for my friend on her birthday which is hard to do since I live in NC and she lives in Ohio. I thought it would be a great idea to give her a cake or cupcakes since I don’t think anyone else was going to do that for her. Continue reading “Cupcake Delivery”