1st Birthday Carnival Party

This year I decided to have a carnival themed party for my son’s first birthday. It took about 3 months of planning but turned out to be a wonderful event.

I will break down the entire event so that it will make it easy for any parent to replicate. First the invitation was made by my sister who does wonders at editing which I found the template while doing a google search

Next I worked on getting the favors together which consisted of several items from Dollar Tree. The carnival popcorn boxes were filled with lollipops, paddle boards, rubber ducks, tattoos, and silly straws. The kids also received gumball machines.

I also had 2 custom Snapchat filters created by my sister which you can see one in the photo above. The kids loved the favors and they were a hit.

Next I stared planning the events and games I wanted at the party. For the first hour I had a pony come provide rides for the kids decorated in theme colors. The attendants were wonderful and never stopped smiling. Kids rode as many times as they wanted to as long as they were under 150 pounds. 

Next I had a face painter and balloon twister come to do chosen designs for the kids. He was definitely a character but the kids loved it and I was happy with the outcome. Disregard my son’s face lol.  I had our bounce house set up which I already own so this was no additional costs. The kids love the bounce house and it is good for any type of event. 

While the bounce house was up I also had pin the nose on the clown and a table where they could knock over cans with a ball. Not to mention a touchscreen photo booth that I also own so no additional costs that left the guests amazed and with a take home souvenir. My mom made the backdrop and it looked awesome. 

I also put togethe a ball pit for the little babies so they weren’t overwhelmed. This took little effort just an inflatable pool and some balls. 

Now to the food. I decided to go simple so I did hot dogs and chips. We also had a popcorn machine going which I own and gave out bags the entire party. I also had a funnel cake food truck come serve the guests which was a hit. My dessert table consisted of a cake, smash cake, Krispy Kreme donuts on a stick, and funfetti cupcakes. The drinks were simply lemonade and V8 splash plus water and juice. 

And then my favorite part was a gift for the birthday boy. A take home book signed by all the guests 🙌🏽

I’m so happy I pulled this party off.

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