mom find: travel potty

My son is now completely potty trained during the day (and pretty much asset night too)! Yay!  It was a serious struggle, but we made it through.  One of the hardest things about potty training is feeling like you need to close to a potty at all times.  If your child is anything like mine, they don’t give you much notice for when they need to go.  When they say your favorite words “I have to go potty!” they really mean…you have about 2 mins to get me to a potty.  How do these words make you so proud and terrified at the same time!?!?  HAHA!!! Depending on what your proximity is to a potty, you might cheer your child on or beg them to hold it for a few moments while you try to find the closest toilet.

During this time I stumbled upon this awesome travel potty when I was searching for different options.  It is very portable.  It literally fits in my diaper bag or my son’s bookbag (travel bag).  

So here is the potty!  It is the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus and you can find it here:

It is small, so your child is sitting very low to ground but the size also makes it perfect for travel.  When I first saw it I thought is was strange looking and I was not sure how it would really work.  The potty can be used in two situations, when you are out and there is no potty for your child to use and when there is a potty but you want to make an adult size potty more child friendly.

travel potty 1

The potty comes with bags that you can use when you are out and there is no potty for your child to use.  We use this version when we are at the park mostly.  This potty can be tossed into the bottom of your stroller for walks or even kept in your car.  The little bags have a “towel” glue to the bottom to collect the liquid and once they are done you just tie up the bag and toss it.  They also sell additional bags online.


Here is a side view of the potty with the bag.


The other option, which I probably used the most, is when there is a potty available but you want to make it easier for your child.  The legs flip out and then the potty can be placed on top of a regular sized toilet.  


My son really liked this option because he was a little scared of the bigger toilets.  Even now he asks for his potty seat if we are going to use a big toilet and are out.  

As I stated above, the potty seat is very compact and easily fit into my diaper bag.  It came with a pretty durable plastic bag to store it in as well.  I carried disinfectant wipes in my bag to wipe it off after use.  



I highly recommend this product.  It is not too expensive and is easy to use.  I am all for anything that makes potty training a little bit easier!

Have you found any products that helped you in the potty training struggle?

❤ K

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