natural hair styles that last

I wrote previously about my natural hair routine, but I also promised to post about different styles I wear after doing this routine.  Here is a list of a few of my usual styles.  I usually can make my twist out style last for at least two weeks (or longer if I really need to make it last).  Of course, all of these styles will not fit everyone since we all have different hair lengthens.  I still hope you can give some of these easy styles a try.

When I left off in my last post my hair was twisted and in a Slap Cap.


So for a day or two I wore a twisted bun.  Basically I do two flat twists with my already twisted hair and make a bun at the back.  This style is quick and is something you can wear to work as well.

0104170700 0104170700b

I also flat twisted my hair and wore it in a higher bun.

Another style is a regular bun to the back.  This is very simple and I just pull my twists to the back into a ponytail.  Then I form a bun from the ponytail.


Next, I untwisted my hair and wore is down for a few days.  I can usually wear my hair like this for 3 – 4 days before it starts to frizz.


Once my hair starts to look a little frizzy I will try some updos.  This one is a flat twist in the front that goes to a high ponytail.


Another simple style is a high ponytail and I use a little edge control gel, if my edges are frizzy.


My final simple style is a high bun.  I use a little edge control for this style as well.


Once I make it to the weekend, I usually wash my hair and start my routine again.  

Each night I pineapple (tie on the top of my head, similar to a high, loose ponytail) my hair with a silk tie and then cover it with my Slap Cap.

What are some ways you make your natural hair last?  What styles have you tried?

❤ K

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