My Natural Hair Routine

I often get asked about my natural hair routine when I am out or from friends.  I have been natural since 2009 and I have tried MANY natural hair products.  Some I liked more than others and some were more expensive than others.  The main things I look for in my natural hair products is that they are easy for me to use, work well on my hair, are not too expensive, and create a style that will last for a week or more.

For a little over a year, I have been using the Pantene Truly Natural Hair line of products.  I rarely hear anyone talk about these products, but a friend at work recommended giving them a try.  Since the price was very reasonable, I figured there was nothing to lose.  They worked great on my hair for wash and go’s and twist outs!  I was told, at some point, that for wash and go’s a good product for your hair will give you the same curl pattern that you see when your hair is wet and has conditioner on it.  Products will not create a curl pattern that does not already exists unless you add twists or braids or do some sort of manipulation to your hair.  This product holds my curl pattern and even with a little shrinkage, my style will hold for most of the week.

So here is my typical hair routine:


I start in the shower and wash my hair with either the Pantene Naturals Shampoo or Co-Wash.  I use the Co-wash most weeks, but I shampoo about once a month.  I shampoo more often in the summer, depending on my activities, and if I am working out a lot I will also shampoo more often.  I make sure to rinse all the shampoo/co-wash from my hair before moving on to the conditioner.  I section my hair into 4 parts and I use hair clips to hold the sections.  I work the conditioner through my hair section by section.  I comb each section from end to root with a detangling comb.  After each section is detangled I wash out the conditioner, section by section.  I keep my hair in the four sections and get out of the shower to continue my routine.

Next I use the LOC method, which is Leave-In conditioner, Oil, and Cream.  For my leave-in, I use Carol’s Daughter Leave-In (Sacred Tiare).  I use the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil for my oil and I use the Pantene Natural Defining Curls Styling Custard for my cream.  I usually start in the back and split one section in half.  I spray with the leave-in and follow up with the oil trying to get it mostly at the root of my hair.  I apply the custard next.  I run the custard through my hair with my fingers and detangle a little if needed with my fingers.  If the ends are really tangled (this only usually happens when I need a trim) then I use a Denman brush to detangle the ends.  I try not to brush or comb my hair too much though.  I find this makes it frizz more.  Based on the thickness of your hair you can divide it again for your twists or to run the custard through your hair.  I usually twist my hair because I will wear it twisted for about a week and then remove the twists and wear it loose for another week or so.  I do this process over my entire head.  In the front I usually do a part to one side and I try to make my twists a little more neat.  


Once my hair is all twisted I usually wear my Slap Cap ( the first day since my hair’s still wet and you see the product on your hair for a few hours.  This entire process usually takes me about 1 hour or so…a little bit longer if I am trying to make all my twists very neat and parting my hair with a comb (usually I part with my fingers and grab the hair).  It is a little bit shorter if I am doing a wash and go with no twists.  You can also do twists to stretch your hair a little bit, and then untwist your hair while it is still damp.  This will stretch your hair a little bit, but show a little more of your curl pattern.


I will write another post about the different styles I wear throughout the week to extend this style.


❤ K


3 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Routine

  1. “Products will not create a curl lattern that does not already exist…” makes sense but I never knew that! “…a good product will give your hair the same curl lattern you see when it is wet…” OMG now I have some way to measure the product, other than waiting until it dries to see if it flaked. THANK YOU this was awesome

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    1. Thanks! Yes, someone told me that a while back. It really helps because you see so many products on people and try them and wonder why didn’t that work for me. Always a good rule of thumb is your hair wet with conditioner is a good way to know what your hair will look like with a wash and go and no manipulation (such as twists, braids, etc.). 🙂


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