uno first birthday party

My sister’s post yesterday got me thinking about my son’s first birthday party.  We did an Uno theme, which turned out really cute.

I got the idea for an “Uno” themed party from a co-worker that did the theme for their daughter, so this is a gender neutral theme.  For those that don’t get the play on words, Uno means one in Spanish but it is also a game.  It was easy to decorate and fairly inexpensive to create.  I found most of my ideas by looking on Pinterest.

I made most of the signs to place around the house.



We also added an Uno photo wall made with uno cards, streamers, and fishing line.  I took photos of my son every month, so I hung those along a wall as well using some rope and clothespins.


It was easy to purchase items for this theme because we just used the colors red, blue, yellow, and green.  So we purchased solids for the plates, cups, tablecloths, and cutlery.  I bought a pack of regular Uno cards for some decorations and small (mini) Uno cards to use as confetti. We also glued the mini Uno cards to toothpicks and used them to decorate the cupcakes.


My friend made adorable centerpieces.


I made the favors by using cone shaped bags and gluing one mini Uno card to the front.  I made my son an Uno shirt to wear for his special day.


Everything was so cute and colorful. Everyone loved it.

If you have questions or need advice for an Uno party leave your comments below!


❤ K

5 thoughts on “uno first birthday party

  1. Hello! I am doing this exact theme for my son, James also! Can you tell me how you made the milestone poster? I wanted to try to make one instead of ordering off of Etsy. Thank you!! Your party looked so cute!!


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