Free Summer Downloads

We’re baaaccckkkk!!!

I know it has been a while, but my sister and I have been extremely busy the last few months.  I am finally getting my bearings and able to start blogging again!  Yay!  I started a new position at work and my sister found out she is pregnant!!!  Needless to say, we have both had a full plate.  

So to get back in the swing of things, I wanted to share a few FREE printables I have found.  You can think of this as your welcome back gift. 🙂

The first item I want to share is a Summer Fun Bucket List

This is a fun list from May Designs, which I love.  There are two separate lists (one for kids, one for adults).  This is a great way to kick off your summer and make a few plans for your weekends.  Plus check out the great notebooks on the May Designs site.  These make great gifts for friends and family.  I already have a list in mind of the ones I want!  May Designs also offers free computer and phone wallpapers each month, which I update on my desktop monthly.   Make sure to check them out and add a little fun to your desktop (or phone).

The second item I want to share is a Water Tracker from Passion Planner.  For those of you still using a paper planner (raises hand), this is a great way to visually track your water each week!  I know a lot of people sell water trackers online, but this one is completely free.  Although it fits the Passion Planner perfectly, it could also fit other planners as well.  They offer two different styles on the site, so make sure to check them both out.  Also check out the Passion Planner site.  This is an AWESOME company with a Get One, Give One policy (similar to TOMS).  For every planner purchased they donate one to someone that needs one, but can’t afford it.  You might be thinking, do you really need a planner that bad?  If you read the testimonials on this site, you will see how this planner has helped people to focus and reach their goals.  What is unique about this planner is the ability to track goals and reflect each month on where you excelled and where you can improve.  I purchased one recently and I love it.  Which says a lot since I am kind of crazy about my planner.  This is a great gift for a high school or college graduate! 🙂  You can also download a paper version of the planner for FREE (yes, that says FREE) on the site.


Enjoy your free items and make sure to share with your friends!

Until next time!
❤ K


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