financial planning giveaway!

Based on our top viewed posts and conversations we have had with friends, we both realize many people need help with their financial planning.  Neither of us are experts, but we are both pretty good at saving money, making budgets, and financial planning.

So we want to help others!  The first three people to comment on this blog post or the post on social media will receive a free budget and financial debt payoff plan from us.  You will have to do a little work and send us some of your financial information (none of your private information), including information about your debt (balances, minimum payments, APRs, etc.) and we will assist with your budget as much as you are willing to share.  We can give you table shells if you don’t want to share your specifics…no worries!

So send us a little message in the comments and we will select our three from there!

❤ K&A

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