meal prep: hand pies

I saw this great recipe online for “hand pies.”  I decided to give them a try for lunch for a week and they turned out great!  They are a great option for a meal prep meal because they still tasted great at the end of the week.

You can really put anything you want in your hand pie.  The ones I saw online were made with ham and cheese.  I tried chicken breast (canned), spinach, cottage cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes.  They were AWESOME!  The options are really endless.  I bought 4 pie crusts and made 4 hand pies per crust.  I made a lot of hand pies!  I cut my crust into eight triangles and combining two (top & bottom) to make one pie.  You could also create the hand pie by cutting 4 circles into your pie crust and folding the crust in half (half moon shape).  Either way you do it will work.  I did 2 pies for an adult serving.

hand pie

So once you decide on your filling, you will buy the number of pie crusts that you need (or you can make them from scratch).  I found that the fresh crusts were easier to work with than the frozen.  You could also use the canned pizza crusts.  Canned biscuits are also an option.  Once you have your crust, you will combine your ingredients in a bowl and scoop one spoon full on your crust.  You will then seal your crust with a fork around the edges.

Next, you will brush egg on top of the pie and bake it according to the pie package directions.

hand pie 2

The result…yummy hand pies!!

hand pie 3

I added a lettuce salad and tomato-cucumber salad for my lunch.

hand pie 4

What combinations did you try?

❤ K

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