Birthday Party Ideas

I have said several times I feel like I have had every birthday party imaginable for my kids in Raleigh. I thought I would share some of the ideas I’ve done for both my son and daughter.

Girl 12th birthday: This past year we decided to have a skate party at United Skates. They have several locations across the country so there may be one near you. If your child likes skating this is the place to go. You get a party table and your child gets to do a shout out over the DJ booth.

Girl 11th birthday: King’s Bowling (previously Sparians) is where we chose to have the birthday party. This is upscale bowling so you are served great food (not typical for a bowling alley) and you sit on couches that are very comfortable. My daughter loved this party and you always have the option of putting bumpers up if your kid doesn’t bowl very well.

Girl 10th birthday: We decided to do a swimming part at Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center this was a great idea because the pool was indoors and had a giant slide. The kids got to swim for a couple of hours and then we let them come back to the house for a sleepover. This was an easy inexpensive option as the center is run through the city of Raleigh.

Girl 9th birthday: For the 9th birthday we decided to have a sleepover and put up a bounce house which we own. The kids had fun and of course they were talking all night which is what all young girl want to do with their friends. This is a great idea and inexpensive.

Girl 8th birthday: This party took place at Adventure Landing which I’m sure many of you have visited before. At this location they have mini golf, go-karts, laser tag and tons of arcade games. It will keep any child occupied for the amount of time you choose to have for the event.

Girl 7th birthday: I had the party at the Olde English Tea Room at this location the girls get to dress for high tea and order drinks and food to eat for lunch. If your child likes to be dressed up and be fancy this would be a great party idea. The venue is located in Wake Forest, NC but I’m pretty sure there would be a similar place wherever you live.

Boy 8th birthday: Movie and sleepover always works as a good party. You choose a movie that your child really wants to see and invite a few of their friends. Make sure you make it to a matinee to save on cost.

Boy 5th birthday: What is think by far was one of the best parties featured Dan the Animal Man. Dan brought real animals to the house which my son loves that included a lemur, tortoise, owl and some sort of lizard. The kids got to touch and hold the animals and it was a great time.

Boy 1st birthday: My sister gave me the idea to do a duck themed party so we had a big 3D duck cake and made a ball pit for the kids to play in. We did everything at home so it was fun and easy on the little kids.

This year coming up I have some party places in mind. My daughter who is turning 4 this month I plan to have the party at Launching Pad. This is a trampoline house where kids can jump around for an hour or more and have fun. My son who is turning 10 I’m hoping to have his party at Hard Knocks. This is extreme laser tag where there is a mission and an hour full of fun. My oldest daughter is turning 13 so I will have to really think on this one. Suggestions are welcome 🙂



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