Hi Everyone,

Thought I would share a new app I’ve been using with everyone. Thumbtack has helped me find new ways to grow my own personal business and to find people who can help me with specific needs. As a business owner the way thumbtack can be used is to find new customers that are looking for the services that you provide. The way the app works is that people submit what their needs are online and notify companies that they would like to receive quotes for pricing. As the owner of a business you have the choice to respond to their quote or not. To respond it takes approximately 2 points or so. The points do cost money, however, it is worth it if you end up landing the gig and earning some money.

As someone that is looking for a specific need the app is fabulous. You submit your request whether it be anywhere from handyman work to party planners. Within 24 hours you will receive quotes from several people that can help you out within the price range that you are looking for. I’ve used this app recently and have learned to love it. You can find it by going to or going directly to your app store.


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