Who Wants Some Daily Deals

New year new savings. I saw some interesting deals and thought I would share with everyone. These are especially good if you have children:

1) Steve Madden has fleece-lined leggings for $3.99 shipped and they look fabulous

2) Children’s Place has long sleeve shirts for kids as low as $3.79 after you use promo code HOLIDAY25.’s%20Place%20Logo%20-%20120×90&publisherid=3716939&publishername=Melea%20Johnson&linkname=The%20Children’s%20Place%20Logo%20-%20120×90&aid=11437882&pid=3716939&sid=&ref=cj

3) Disney Infinity 3.0 starter kit is on sale for $39.99 this is a great deal and my 9 year old loves this game. You can get many different characters and it’s family friendly

Hope everyone is having a fabulous year thus far 🙂



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