Road Trip

I’m currently traveling to Atlanta to spend Christmas with my mom and sister and this has been definitely one of the top 4 worse drives to Atlanta that I have done. What really makes it bad is the constant traffic and the fact that my sister recently moved and is now an hour farther away from me. I’m currently on I-20 the most boring interstate in the world, however, a few things are keeping me from going completely crazy.


image  image

The first thing being my Spotify playlist which contains an unlimited amount of music to listen to from every artist you can imagine. I would recommend getting a subscription if you don’t have one.

The second thing being my wonderful GMC Acadia with built in DVD players so that my kids can entertain themselves. They are currently on movie number 3. I’m glad we have so much space and not in the confinement of my Nissan Sentra.

2 1/2 hours until our destination.  Wish me luck and happy holidays.

❤ A

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