gift ideas for expectant moms

Ok, here are a few more gift ideas that are focused on the expectant mom or the new moms that you may know.  One item is the Belly Book, an awesome and fun way to track your pregnancy and the other item is the Ergobaby…in my opinion THE BEST baby carrier.

The Belly Book



I purchased the Belly Book for myself when I found out I was pregnant and I always said I would get one for my next friend who has a baby.  The Belly Book is a cute way to track your growing belly.  It includes funny questions about how you are feeling and your thoughts about your pregnancy, as well as a space to include a picture each week of your growing belly.  The book has space for ultrasound photos and other mementos to track your pregnancy over the 40 weeks.  Read the reviews if you don’t believe me, but definitely consider this book for the soon-to-be moms on your lists.

The Ergobaby



This is one of my FAVORITE baby items.  The Ergobaby is a must have for anyone that is considering getting a baby carrier.  I used this carrier with the infant insert as shown for my son when he was a newborn and then up until about 18 months with out the insert.  After that he wanted to walk EVERYWHERE!  We traveled a lot when my son was little and I found the carrier easier to use than a stroller, especially if I was traveling alone.  It was comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, including a trip to the zoo!  I even would bring it when we had our stroller with us because sometimes my son would get fussy and just wanted to be held.  This was also great around the house when I need to get things done but my son wanted to be close to me or carried.  He loved to fall asleep in this carrier…if he was tired he couldn’t last 20 minutes!  Also it is washable!  I can’t say enough great things about this carrier.  It makes an awesome gift.

Check out these ideas!

❤ K


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