gift idea – personalized mugs

As I stated yesterday, my next few posts would mention a few gift ideas.  This gift is easy, inexpensive, and really cute…plus who doesn’t like personalized items?!?  Personalized mugs make great gifts, especially if you need to get gifts for several people.

I decided to make personalized mugs for a few friends at work.  I got the idea from Pinterest of course!  The site I visited gave step by step instructions for how to create these fun paint marker mugs.  I purchased my paint markers from Michael’s (Craft Smart brand), but you could also purchase the Sharpie brand paint markers.  I also purchased some letter stickers.  I purchased my mugs from IKEA for a little less than $1!

First, I cleaned the mugs with glass cleaner before I placed the stickers. Then I stuck the stickers to the mugs and selected colors.

I liked the three color combination mentioned in the article, so I used that method.

Once the mugs were dry (waited a few minutes) I removed the stickers.  My stickers weren’t the best and I noticed a little bleeding with the marker, so I used alcohol and cotton swabs to do a few touch ups.

Once the mugs looked how I wanted, I placed them in a muffin pan (you could use any pan that is oven safe) and put the pan in the oven.  Next, I placed the oven on 350 and let it pre-heat with the mugs in the oven.  Once it reached 350, I baked the mugs for 40 minutes and then turned off the oven and let the mugs sit in the oven overnight.  I read this method online as the best way to bake them, but the article recommends another method.  I am sure either method will work.

The final product…really cute mugs!!  My friends really enjoyed the gift, which was the best part.




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