gift idea – matt&nat

Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought I would share some of my favorite items for those that still need gift ideas.  One of my favorite bag companies is Matt & Nat.  Matt & Nat is a vegan, handbag and accessories designer that makes really cute bags.  Whether you are looking for vegan items or not, these items are great!

One of the things I love about Matt & Nat is that they are not as well known as some other bag companies, so I rarely see other people with my items.  I currently have three Matt & Nat items including a purse, handbag/weekender bag/diaper bag/work bag (seriously this bag can be used for ANYTHING) and a wallet.  I have had my purse since 2012 and my bag and wallet since 2013.  All of my items are still in great condition.  I have used the weekender bag as a work bag, travel bag, and diaper bag and I always get compliments.  I love my purse and wallet as well.

I am pretty hard on my items and I have never had issues with these even though they are not leather.  I always get questions about my bags and when I explain the brand and materials everyone is generally shocked.  Check out their line of men’s and women’s items for cute styles and unique designs.

Note: their items sell out quickly, so if you see something you really like get it while you can!


❤ K

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