diy christmas wreaths

In my last post I shared some of my Christmas decor.  One of the photos included a diy wreath that I made for  less than $10!

I purchased plain wreaths from a store called Ollie’s, but they also sell them at craft stores.  Mine were about $6 but you can get them anywhere for this price or less.  I also purchased a few other items for decorating, including spray on snow (Walmart – about $2), ornaments ($1 a pack), bows ($1 for 2), and I grabbed some pine cones from around my yard.

First I laid out my wreaths and sprayed them with the fake snow.  I let this dry overnight.

Then I positioned my items (ornaments, bows, and pine cones) where I wanted them on the wreath.  I used my glue gun to glue each item to the wreath.

Once everything was glued my wreaths were complete!

Very easy…and I loved the fake snow!  I also sprayed some plain garland I had at home to give it a little something extra.

Enjoy making your own designs!

❤ K



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