impressing press on nails

Right before my last vacation I really wanted to get my nails done but didn’t have time. Based on a little research I decided to try press-on nails.
I know what you are thinking…press-on nails don’t last and look fake, but they have come a LONG way since the 90’s.

I decided to try the Impress Press-ons.



The design was cute and they were pretty cheap at Wal-Mart. So here is my review:
My nails lasted about a full week, but they probably would have lasted longer.  I’m not really a fake nail person, so I get annoyed with them quickly and took them off after a week.  They were still stuck to my nail though and probably would have lasted several days longer.

I really like the designs they offered. Very cute and stylish.  They were easy and quick to apply, but you should still follow the directions. Once they have been applied, you can trim and file them to your preference.  They were also easy to remove and didn’t damage my nails.

I wore them to work one day and received several compliments… everyone thought they were regular acrylic nails.

The hardest part with these nails is finding the nail that fits your nail bed the best, but they are definitely worth the buy.



I would recommend them, because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient.

❤ K

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