getting a little crafty

Since we moved into a new place, I have been working on decorating and getting the house organized. I wanted to add some plants outside and needed a couple pots.  I couldn’t really find anything I liked so I decided to make what I needed.

I started with two clay pots from Wal-Mart for about $5, spray paint, and painters tape (blue worked best for me).



I wanted a white pot with a red top accent. First, I painted the bottom of the pot white.  Once it dried I put the painters tape around the edge of the top and used newspaper to protect the bottom (white portion).  I taped the newspaper to the pot with the painters tape. I spray painted the top of the pot red and then allowed it to dry. When it was completely dry I removed the painters tape.


The pots looked great!!!



This is a great option if you want something unique for your home or need a specific color.

Good luck crafting!
❤ K

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