Best Deals for Today

Hi All,

I saw some really good deals online today so I thought I would share a few with everyone in case you are still in need of a few things. 1) If you are in need of greeting cards I found a great deal for 50 cards for $19 shipped at It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to greeting cards. They also have options for 100 and 200 cards.

2) Boys puffer coat is on sale at Target for $8.92 shipping once you use the promo code that is listed on the site. The coat is located at the following website This is a great deal if your child is still in need for a coat this year.

3) Disney store is selling pjs, slippers and cold weather accessories for $8. This can be obtained at I know a lot of people who can use these deals.

Plus don’t forget to use when shopping and most cyber Monday have turned into cyber week deals that are still going on online.

Happy shopping

A 🙂

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