my new, old tub…bathtub painting!

We recently purchased a home and there were a few things that needed some work. One that I really wanted to fix was the bathtub in the bathroom my son would use. The paint was chipped in the tub and around the drain. It would come off when bathing and cleaning the tub, which is a problem when your child only takes baths.

So I began looking for ways to repair the tub on my own.  I stopped in Lowes one day and they recommended this product:
Homax Tough Tile Tub & Sink Refinishing Kit


I purchased the paint on version, but they also have a spray on as well.
I completely forgot to take a before picture, but my tub had a lot of chipping around the drain and along the tub basin.

I carefully followed the directions on the box, including all the time spacing.
These were my results:



It looked awesome! I was so surprised.

Here are some tips:
1) Read all the directions before you start.  They are very specific about time spacing and you don’t want to run out of time.

2) Make sure you cover drain and tile properly.  I used Painter’s tape, but you want to keep the tub paint off the drain.

3) Thoroughly clean the tub.  Follow the steps they list.

4) Paint thin coats.  The first coat won’t look great but that’s ok. Don’t try to thicken it to make it look like the final product.

5) Take your time.  Don’t try to rush it.

6) Watch out for drips and runs. Catch and smooth them out as soon as you see them.

Good luck and enjoy your nice “new” tub!

❤ K

2 thoughts on “my new, old tub…bathtub painting!

  1. Hi there~~~

    Did you sand the chipped paint before applying? Mine is super chipped and was wondering if I should sand, scrub or use thinner to smooth it down beforehand.




    1. I did not sand mine. I just used the steel wool that was provided and followed the directions exactly. I scrubbed around my chipped areas, but everything came out looking even after the second coat. I did notice that when I added a bath mat the suctions made indents in the tub. That is the only issue I have had since painting the tub. 🙂


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