cutting the cord

So maybe you have seen the commercials for a company called SlingTV, but in case you have missed them here is a little information.
SlingTV is a streaming TV app that works through your smart tv, kindle fire stick, chromecast, roku, or just about any other streaming device. The basic service is $20 and includes several channels, such as ESPN, CNN, Lifetime, ABC Family, Disney, HGTV, AMC, TBS, and more (check their site for the full list).  It also includes movies that are shown on these channels, on demand. They also have package upgrades to get additional channels for about $5 with HBO for $15.

My family has been using Sling for a little over two months, so here is my review.
1) It is $20, which is pretty great and includes many channels that I like…including one of my favorites HGTV.
2) Many of the channels allow you to pause, rewind, or watch shows that came on previously, similar to a DVR.
3) The streaming is clear…just like watching on cable.
4) You can only watch on one TV at a time. 😕 This kind of sucks if two people want to watch shows at the same time.
5) It does not cover all the channels available on cable or satellite TV. This can be a pro or a con, depending on if the channels you watch are included.

With the help of Sling, and a few other apps, my family has successfully cut the cord and we no longer use cable or satellite service! Depending on your bill the savings can be huge.

I will share more about our journey in the future.

❤ K

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