More cruising tips…

So my sister shared her cruising tips from our recent vacation and I totally agree with all of them, but here are a few more…
This was my first cruise and I am a researcher so I looked high and low for recommendations before we boarded the ship. These five are the ones I would add to any cruiser’s list:
1) Unpack! Ok, this might sound strange because I don’t usually unpack when I stay in a hotel, but it goes along well with #2 so I will explain more below.
2) Put your suitcases under the bed. Trust me on this one. Your room will probably be small unless you spring for a huge suite.  By small I mean TINY. This will free up floor and closet space, which you will need. This works best, of course, if you unpack your clothes. 😉
3) Magnets! This might sound strange but I read this tip online. The walls on cruise ships are magnetic so you can hang your daily cruise compass or other info you need to keep handy. Plus anything that saves you space is a plus!
4) Pay your gratuities in advance. I wish I had done this versus paying at the end. You can include it in your cruise payments and then it won’t seem like you owe so much when you get your final bill.  It made my heart sink a little when I saw our final bill. 😢
5) Take a water bottle…I recommend the Hydro Flask of course!  I used my Hydro Flask everyday. It was great for hot days on the beach, to hold my water or other adult beverages. 😉  I loved having my flask and I didn’t need to purchase extra water while we were out and about. (I think a few others in our group were convinced to buy one!)

So after all these tips you should be ready to have an awesome cruise!

❤ K

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