Make money shopping!

Ok…I know you are probably thinking what is the catch? But honestly there isn’t one! You can actually make money by shopping online for the items you already planned to buy. Here’s how!

Ebates ( is a site that allows you to easily get cash back for shopping at various online sites.

Here is how it works:
1) Create an Ebates account, which is free
2) Log in to Ebates and search for the site you would like to use for shopping, such as Amazon or Target
3) If there is cash back offered for the site, click the shop now button
4) You will be redirected to the site and you need to make your purchase through this window to get your Ebates cash back

That’s it! Based on the cash back offered for the site and the amount you spend, Ebates will calculate your payment amount. Using Ebates I have made about $30 in cash back.  My only issue is trying to remember to go to Ebates first, before I make my purchase on a site!

Note* – I received a question about payment…Ebates pays out cash…not credits or cash to only use with certain retailers. My cash is sent to my PayPal account.

Happy shopping…and saving!

❤ K

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