Fantasy Football is for Everyone Part 2

I’m now currently 1-5 in my fantasy football league. Things were not looking up for me last week when the person I was against had 4 receivers/rbs that scored 30+ points. I’m believing in a change this week even though my 49ers lost last night. See below for some helpful tips 🙂 Hopefully this will help everyone 🙂

Adds for the Week:

  1. RBs: S. Diggs, T. Riddick, J. Starks
  2. WRs: M. Floyd, M. Jones, J. Crowder
  3. TEs: J. Thomas,

Drops for the Week:

  1. RBs: I. Crowell, B. Sankey
  2. WRs: J. Kearse
  3. TEs: Owen Daniels

Start em Week 7:

  1. QBs: Palmer, Brees, Fitzpatrick, E. Manning, Tannehill
  2. WRs: D. Moncrief, W. Snead, M. Crabtree, J. Brown, M. Bryant
  3. RBs: Gurley, L. Murray, F. Gore, D. Martin, C. Michael
  4. TEs: T. Kelce, C. Clay, J. Thomas, J. Reed,

Sit em Week 7:

  1. QBs: McCown, Carr, Bradford, Flacco
  2. WRs: G. Tate, B. Cooks, M. Wallace, R. Randle
  3. RBs: M. Gordon, C. West, L. Blount, C. Johnson
  4. TEs: Z. Ertz, J. Cameron, C. Gilmore

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