halloween fun

So…a friend and I are coaches for a GREAT program called Girls on the Run (GOTR).  For those that don’t know, GOTR is a program that teaches life skills to girls in the 3rd-5th grade including positive body image, dealing with peer pressure and much more.  It is a pretty awesome program.  My friend and I decided to do something special for our girls for Halloween and came up with these adorable bags, at a reasonable price to make enough for the whole team.


The bags included cute Halloween bags from the Dollar Tree (fyi – if you have not checked here for your holiday event needs you are missing out!  They have lots of items at GREAT prices!).  We bought name tags, candy, pretzels, and oranges from Target.  We also threw in a pack of stickers from the Dollar Tree.  We drew pumpkin faces on the oranges with permanent markers.  The bags and their contents cost us about $35 for all the girls (about $2.50 a piece).  Not too bad!  We are sure they will love them.

❤ K

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