fall decor

I love decorating for the Fall and Winter seasons.  For Fall I decorated our mantle and dining room table, as well as added a few pumpkins around the house.  I have found some of the best decorating items in the Target Dollar spot and from the Dollar Tree.  These stores make decorating affordable for everyone.

Here is a photo of my fireplace mantle.


I added a few flowers from the Dollar Tree and trimmed the stems off.  Plus I got the cute leaf garland from Target.  I also added a little pumpkin on the end.  The other items are on my mantle throughout the year, including containers from IKEA (to the left), mirror (can’t remember where I bought that one!), photos and candles.

I could not find the candle set up that I wanted in stores so I created this one for about $7 from the Dollar Tree!


It includes two small vases stacked with stones in the bottom and a candle on top.

For my dining room table I kept it simple.  I LOVE mason jars, so I used a few jars and added some pumpkins and gourds (Dollar Tree) to the bottom and a little flower on top.  I find that when you keep the lid on the mason jar (minus the center piece) the jars look more complete.  I also have vases, with stones and a candle (all from Dollar Tree).


Pretty simple decor, but enough to make my home have a little bit of a fall feel.

To step it up a notch, buy a few small pumpkins and place them around the house as well as a fall wreath on the front door.  My son loves moving the pumpkins (or apples as he calls them) around the house.


❤ K

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